Delivering efficiency

We can assess your situation and opportunities to improve objectively and quickly, and adapt this situation using an informed, proven, and successful approach. Our expertise and knowledge of the retail chain sector are embedded in our powerful tools and ready-made programmes.

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Quick Scan & Gap Analysis

Would you like to know how your retail operation performs in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity? We can analyse and benchmark performance according to time use, labour deployment and labour costs. This will give you detailed insights at various levels that will help you to make systematic improvements. 
Our approach designed to boost your performance comprises:

  • A detailed overview of your retail performance
  • Assessing efficiency KPIs
  • Benchmarks at detailed levels
  • Specific suggestions for ways to improve your efficiency

Getting the most out of WFM

Do you want to ensure that strategic decisions are properly substantiated when selecting and implementing a Workforce Management tool? Or to get better performance from your existing WFM solution? Take advantage of our broad experience in the field of WFM. Our strength lies in our independent approach that puts the spotlight on your performance.
Our approach designed to boost your performance comprises:

  • A business blue print based on ambition
  • Support when choosing tools and suppliers
  • Support when designing the system
  • Implementation that focuses on ROI and business operations.

Workload Planner

Do you want to be able to gear your staff deployment to cater properly to fluctuating goods and customer flows in your retail formula? Do you want to take an integrated approach to managing the various flows that determine the workload? We can help you to identify the specific aspects of your operations and standards, and then support you in structuring, managing, organising and integrating them into the daily personnel planning process.
Our approach designed to boost your performance comprises:

  • Activity-based standards and budgeting
  • Determining an outlet-specific workload and integrating it into the staffing plan
  • Simulating process modifications and forecasts.

Workforce Planner

Looking to assess the composition of your workforce and to gear it to meet with demand, the required flexibility and staff skills?
Our approach designed to boost your performance comprises:
  • Determining the ideal staff composition and cost price
  • Comparing the ideal staff composition with reality
  • Actively steering the organisation towards the ideal staffing capacity.

Get more from your business

Do you and your managerial staff want to have a keen understanding of efficiency so that you are always in a position to improve your retail processes and staff deployment? We can offer you a customised programme full of practical tools that entrepreneurs can use to actively supervise their management, and get more out of their performance.
Our approach designed to boost your performance comprises:
  • Practical efficiency improvement programme for teams
  • Working on concrete efficiency and quality objectives
  • Workplace standardisation, KPIs, communication, and quality
  • Using effective new and existing tools.

Durable improvements - in distribution and fulfilment

Do you want to be able to respond effectively to internal and external changes that have a significant impact on your distribution and/or fulfilment organisation? We make sure that your cost structure is transparent and provide you with proven simulation models. These insights are invaluable for your capacity to anticipate things and to ensure that your operation is efficient.
Our approach designed to boost your performance comprises:
  • Analysing and evaluating KPIs and suggestions for improvements
  • Benchmarking at a detailed level
  • Improving operational organisation
  • Optimising distribution sites.

A closer look

Do you want to improve your operational organisation and improve its performance together with your team? We can give you an inspiring improvement strategy geared to suit your specific retail processes. A way that helps you to observe, test and improve processes that immediately produces structural and effective improvements in performance.
Our approach designed to boost your performance comprises:
  • Learning to take an out of the box look at efficiency and effectiveness
  • Observing and discovering areas for improvement yourselves
  • Being on the look out for wastage and having the skills to recognise it
  • Constantly assessing and improving processes based on best practices.
Curious to find out what our approach can do for you?

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Curious to find out what our approach can do for you?

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