Maximum efficiency based on WFM

Many of our customers use software for the deployment of their staff and managing their performance. Workforce management software alone is not enough to support customer experience effectively, and to allow the shops within your retail formula to operate efficiently. The successful implementation of a workforce management package is determined by having clear strategic goals and the correct package, applying precise timing, and paying attention to detail.

WFM has defensive (administrative) as well as offensive (performance improvement) components, and the key question in this is: ‘How can I get the most out of WFM?’ Jurjen de Vries retail management & efficiency knows what the success factors are in WFM for retail. We offer retail companies at home and abroad all the support they need by making the right choices, and by getting the most out of WFM software.

Added value

Our forte is analysing and advising customers when it comes to business blue prints, company policy, organisational structure, and business cases. It is for these operational components in particular that Jurjen de Vries retail management & efficiency offers you added value. Our experience with entrepreneurs and branch managers enables us to make the major investments that workforce management packages require successful by maximising returns. We look forward to providing you with the support you need.

Ready-made approach

We have documented the know-how we have gained from past projects, and you can benefit from this.

Blueprint for optimum performance from WFM

- Business blueprint;
- Support for supplier selection;
- Support for legislation and regulations;
- Results-oriented implementation.


Blueprint for optimum performance from WFM

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