The foundation for your retail formula

Jurjen de Vries retail management & efficiency assists and supports retail companies in their daily operation in setting standards (establishing the required working hours), labour cost management, and staffing capacity and process optimisation. All of this is done in line with the workload. We take care of the integration of these aspects in the daily planning process, and have ready-made programmes to do the job. By doing so, we are able, together with you, to structurally improve the results on the shop floor in terms of labour costs and productivity, while at the same time safeguarding the required quality.

Experience & know-how

Our result-enhancing approach has been tried and tested, and has since proven itself both nationally and internationally. Since 1980, Jurjen de Vries retail management & efficiency has been working for nationally and internationally renowned retail chains from its offices in the Netherlands and Germany. Our loyal customer base also includes distribution centres and retail-related industrial companies like butcheries, bakeries, and manufacturing companies.

Our team of experienced business consultants consists of practical people with in-depth knowledge of the retail business, who speak your language and who know what they’re doing from the word go. With our know-how and expertise in chain organisations as the basis, we can make clear arrangements with you and then set the process on the right track. As results-oriented, strategic thinkers, we are involved both at home and abroad in a wide range of issues related to efficiency and how labour can best be deployed. Results are achieved with shop management in retail chain operations as well as in retail companies that are part of franchise organisations. Our extensive operational experience enables us to always deploy the efforts that efficiency consultancy and workforce management consultancy require successfully.

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