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The time is always right for optimising labour deployment and in-store processes. With small margins, you can't afford to miss out on the big money. Jurjen de Vries retail management & efficiency supports retail organisations when it comes to improving performance. We do this by optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of labour deployment and in-store processes. We have at our disposal a databank with a wealth of information, proven ready-made programmes, tools and retail chain know-how. The results we get with our clients are bound to impress you. Our approach, designed to boost results, comprises:



Goals, strategy and roadmap


Labour cost management, setting standards, optimising staffing capacities and processes, and simulation


Tools and proven ready-made optimisation programmes

Efficiency consultancy and workforce management consultancy are our turf. We work independently with you to achieve lasting results. Your retail formula is our departure point. From the very beginning, we integrate your long-term strategy with our approach, one that is aimed at boosting your results. This is how, together with you, we base your retail formula and/or distribution operation on efficiency.

Curious to find out what our approach can do for you? We’re happy to tell you all about it.

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